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    Oscar Liskovas


    Google Trusted Photographer


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    Are you ready to handle a jump of up to 65% in business?

    When it comes to commercial photography our photographer Oscar Liskovas of Virtual.ie is very hard to beat.

    Oscar’s standards are extremely high. He leaves no stone unturned to deliver for you the client.

    In addition to taking commercial photos, Oscar is licensed by Google directly to work with them as a licensed Google Trusted Photographer.

    He is only one of 16 on the island of Ireland. Oscar is an award winning photographer and enjoys joint first place with only one other within the Google Trusted Photographers program.

    But why should you use this service? Well it’s simple as some clients have reported a massive jump of up to 65% in business since implementing Google Business View the Google product that we through Oscar are licensed to sell.So are you ready to handle a jump of up to 65% in business?